Degson's New
Fast Wire Insertion Terminal Block: The DG271 Series

DG271 Series

This new series features fast insertion products (Push-In Technology) with reduced volume and high current. The product is also available in different pitches (3.5, 5, 7.5, and 10mm metric) and poles (02P,03P, up to 12P) to suit various wiring/connection needs.

Main Features

In One Direction

Single Piece Splicing

Product Advantages

Push In-Spring Structure

This innovative design eliminates conductor preparation and connecting labor. In comparison to screw structures, it reduces installation time by 20% to 30%.

Photovoltaic Industry

To assure performance in all types of environments where a solar field is designed and built, the development team ensured that the component of the product withstands demanding circumstances such as sand, dust, wind, and rain.

VDE, ULS & EAC Certified

These products were subjected to several tests and inspections to ensure that they adhered to health and safety regulations for production.

High Quality Choice For: 

Power Supply

New Energy

Industrial Energy

Degson DG271

Power Connection, Diverse  Choice

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